We have experience in supporting organizations with assessing present and future capital needs including effective and cost saving procurement strategies. Our services provide a peace of mind for any organization or senior manager looking for someone to step into the stressful role of managing costs and asset development.

We believe that clients who utilize agency facilities deserve to be surrounded by safe and sound conditions. Our focus on capital assets ensures that organizations can provide healthy and secure environment while lessening future costs and risks. We do this by:


  1. Assisting in creating a list of needs for short-term, long-term, and future strategic spending

  2. Conducting comprehensive research to ensure that any scope-of-work will be properly designed and built to ensure out-comes meet expectations and fall within parameters of the designs and budgets

  3. Completing a comprehensive procurement process to ensure product and project costs are competitive and meet standards outlined in scope of work

  4. Managing each project to ensure that milestones are being met with the end-product completed to the satisfaction of all stakeholders.

Helping Agencies Improve Environmental Conditions for Clients

We have solid understanding and experience in building processes within human service agencies, we can support any organizations with restructuring solid work flow process to ensure that all available resources are utilized efficiently and effectively. 

Helping Agencies Build More Effective Services

Helping Agencies Find Cost Savings

Helping Agencies Prepare For The Future with Enterprise Risk Management Framework

We understand that every organization has both small and large scale projects on the go and how crucial the effects of internal and external risks are. Our program works to lessen risk by:

  1. Identifying risk exposures
  2. Analyzing possible levels of loss
  3. Measuring and quantifying feasibility of risk mitigation
  4. Choosing next-step risk management actions
  5. Putting risk mitigation actions into play
  6. Evaluating actions and monitoring results