Antero Manninen MBA - Lead Project Developer

After 20 years experience in both the private and non-profit service sectors, I formed this company with the goal of working with service type organizations looking for a one-stop contact to provide them efficient and effective campaign and capital project solutions. The company's name "TYÖ" comes from a Nordic Finnish term meaning "work" where the pride of work comes from team, trust and sensibility. TYO comes to your side with my many trusted colleagues and contacts ready to support any form of project and with any level of outcomes required, which makes TYÖ the place to call when campaigns and special projects just need to get done and done well. I have managed projects ranging from as little as $1000 to those in the millions.

My personal skills have come from:

  • Leading teams and agencies in senior management roles which required me to analytically and with sensitivity bring changes, growth and organizational success
  • As a consultant to growing companies and organizations
  • Volunteering on various boards and committees
  • Successfully delivering project results for agencies such as Salvation ArmyBob Rumball Associations for the Deaf and many more
  • My MBA which is directly tied into my passion supporting service type organizations with visions of development and growth 

Bill Carty MBA-  Business and Organizational Development

Being a former senior manager, entrepreneur and owner of multiple successful service sector business such a Bartimaeus Inc., Bill provides a level of consultation and advisory support that is not matched in any fee-for-service large brand firm. His practical outlook on how organizations and small businesses need to operate effectively and where business growth can be found, adds value to any project where an operation is searching for real business world solutions. 

A sample of our project team networks

Lily Korhonen - Lead Graphic Designer

Having over 10 years of contributing skills to projects involving web media, graphic design and social media Lily has experience supporting organizations such as World Vision Canada, The Canadian Cancer Society, numerous private for profit companies and has worked with some of the top advertising agencies in Toronto.

Dale LaFranco - Video &
​Communications Project Lead

As an accomplished communications director and producer in broadcast and corporate productions in both Television and Web Media, Dale bring specialized talents that have won him 2 Emmy Awards as a director, and have guided him during his time as the director of the Oprah Winfrey Show,  including leading and directed numerous other projects in his 25 years as a communications professional.

Alex Debold - Lead E-Commerce Advisor

Taking a vision and building a successful e-commerce and social web community is a great undertaking and requires a form of expertise that only can be lead and taught by someone like Alex.  He has developed powerful platforms creating revenue streams utilizing e-commerce and social media for companies such as Labatts and his own web based enterprise he operates with his wife called